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Five-Step Lawn Care Program

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Leading Lawn Care Treatments with Perrine Property Maintenance Start in March

A beautiful lawn is a thing of beauty-and the result of lots of hard work! At Perrine Property Maintenance, we have a Five-Step Lawn Program to nurture, grow and sustain your landscape. We incorporate treatments throughout the year that are designed to discourage weeks and encourage a lush, green lawn.

Round 1:

Starting in March your lawn begins doing its best to recover from our unpredictable midwest winter. The extreme fluctuations in weather can be very hard on trees, plants, and lawns. It’s important to begin the growing season with careful fertilizer treatments in March. Spring fertilizer conditioning helps your lawn recuperate and thicken to prevent weed outbreaks. All round 1 applications include pre-emergent for crab grass prevention.

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Round 2:

Round 2 treatment includes an application of time-released nitrogen. Nitrogen brings out the green in your lawn, improves its density and preps it for summer heat. We also cover your lawn with a broadleaf weed control treatment to help combat dandelion and broadleaf growth. This application is done in April or May, before the true heat of summer kicks in.

Round 4:

As the dog days of summer end and cooler fall temps arrive, it’s time to pamper and prepare your lawn. In Round 4, between August or September, we perform another application of time-released nitrogen to promote root growth and repair and nurture a green lawn. As an extra layer of protection, we also provide an application of broadleaf weed and dandelion control.
We offer post-emergent for crabgrass that may arise from dry summer heat.

Round 3:

Summer in Wisconsin can mean rain and humidity, hot, dry conditions or beautiful days-the weather changes constantly. This up-and-down is hard on your lawn, the team at Perrine Property Maintenance works hard to protect. In Round 3, we apply another time-released balanced treatment to maintain color and improve turf strength, along with spot treatment of weeds. Round 3 is typically done in June or July.

Round 5:

The last Round in our plan prepares your turf for the upcoming cold weather months This is typically done in October or November. It includes a very important, high-nitrogen fertilizer with a small amount of slow release. This helps it provide longer-lasting protection. This treatment gives your lawn strength and sustainability for our Wisconsin winter-and provides a base for spring growth.

As you can see, at Perrine Property Maintenance we are serious about your turf! It’s What We Do. Contact us today for a customized quote.

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