Spring Lawn Care & Clean-Up Services from Kenosha to Oak Creek

Time to Schedule Your Your Clean-Up with Perrine Property Maintenance!

The first signs of spring are peeking through in Kenosha, Racine, Somers, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, Caledonia, and beyond, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about giving your property the post-winter care it deserves. At Perrine Property Maintenance, we’re gearing up for spring and are here to help you rejuvenate your lawn and landscape, ensuring it’s ready to burst into vibrant life as the warmer months roll in.

  • Wave Goodbye to Winter Damage

    Winter, with its frosty charm, can also be tough on your property. The weight of snow and ice, coupled with cold, drying winds, can leave your lawn, trees, and shrubs in need of some serious TLC. That’s where our Spring Clean-Up services come in. We’re here to address the winter damage head-on, preparing your property for a flourishing spring and summer.

  • Spring Clean-Up: A Fresh Start

    Our comprehensive Spring Clean-Up package is designed to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. We’ll clear away the debris that winter has left behind—fallen branches, leaves, and anything else that’s accumulated over the colder months. Our goal is to give your property a clean slate, making way for healthy growth and the vibrant greens that symbolize the spring season.

  • Power Rake / De-Thatching: Let Your Lawn Breathe

    One of our key spring services is Power Raking/De-Thatching. This essential step removes the thick layer of dead grass and thatch that can smother your lawn, preventing moisture, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil. By de-thatching, we ensure your grass has the room to breathe and grow, setting the stage for a lush, thick lawn that you’ll love to spend time on.

It’s Time to Schedule!

Now is the time to schedule your Spring Clean-Up with Perrine Property Maintenance. Our expert team is ready to tackle everything from Power Raking/De-Thatching to general clean-up, ensuring your property shakes off the winter blues and steps into spring with its best foot forward.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Get ahead of the spring rush and ensure your property in Kenosha, Racine, Somers, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, Caledonia, and beyond is poised for beauty and growth. Contact Perrine Property Maintenance today, and let’s usher in spring together, with a property that’s ready to thrive!

Don’t wait to schedule your Spring lawn care cleanup. Now is the time to breathe life into your lawn to maintain it’s health and vibrancy for summer.

Contact Perrine Property Maintenance today for a complimentary consultation and discover how our lawn care services can make a significant difference in getting your lawn ready for summer. Call us at 262-654-1769 to receive a free quote and take the first step toward ensuring a vibrant and resilient lawn.

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