Kenosha Residential Spring Clean-Up

Say Goodbye to Winter, Hello to a Vibrant Lawn!

Raking up leaves and debris for a spring clean up

Our Kenosha Residential Spring Clean-Up Services

Get your Kenosha yard ready for summer enjoyment with our expert spring clean-up services.! Our spring clean-up revitalizes your landscape, including raking, bed weeding, pruning, mulching, and fertilization. Get a fresh start for summer!

  • Leaf and Debris Removal

    Thorough removal of leaves, branches, twigs, and other clutter left from winter. This includes raking lawns, blowing out landscaped areas, and clearing gutters if needed.

  • Lawn Preparation

    Raking out matted-down grass from winter (dethatching), possible light aeration, and overseeding of bare patches.

  • Mulching

    Providing and spreading a fresh layer of mulch in plant beds to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and enhance the landscape’s appearance.

  • Bed Cleanup

    Removing dead plant material, pruning back overwintered perennials, weeding beds, and lightly cultivating soil.

  • Pruning

    Selective and careful pruning of shrubs and small trees that bloom after spring to promote health and control shape.

  • Edging

    Redefining landscape bed edges for a clean look between beds and lawn.

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